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Khaki Vest with Embroidered Logo and Ripped Back

Hunting Vest

SKU: GDGC0000003
  • The "Hunting Vest" stands out as one of the most coveted pieces from the 2023 summer collection, embodying both style and functionality.

    Crafted predominantly from premium cotton, it boasts meticulous detailing, including white plastic buttons adorning the left, right, and neck seams, elevating its aesthetic appeal.

    However, what truly sets this garment apart is its unique feature—a horizontal rip along the back, revealing a contrasting white fabric beneath. Printed in khaki, the statement "GOD WAS MADE IN ITALY" pays homage to the brand's heritage, emphasizing its Italian origins, superior craftsmanship, and deep-rooted connection to tradition.

    Subtle yet significant, the Gadgrail logo is elegantly embroidered in white thread on the front-left pocket, adding a touch of sophistication. Additionally, the front design is adorned with nine functional pockets, each secured with white button closures and adorned with distinctive pointed white studs


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